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Website Development

Build your beautiful Website and Grow your business

Social Media Marketing

Increase your sales through Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Increase your sales through Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your sales through Search Engine Optimization 

Video Editing

Edit your video with professional ways and increase your personal brand

Ads & Social Media Video

Edit your video Ads & Social Media Video then increase your sales or increase brand value

Analytics Tracking & Reporting

Tracking is very important because, its analyze your business goals and marketing campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to regularly stay in touch with customers and website visitors.

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“Rasel has very great communication, He is an expert in Google Tag Manager, PPC Conversions and any conversion tracking. I recommend him to anyone who needs to guarantee quality conversion tracking.”

Jeremy Holman

CEO, LikeWave

“This team completed the work in record time, he also picked up on an error that he made during the presentation of the work to me, and he quickly fixed it. I will be working with Rasel on future projects.”

James Thomson

CEO, Health Direct

“Best Facebook Ads Manager and Google Google Ads Manager, I saw forever in my life. Will definitely try to use again and highly recommend Rasel to anyone else.”

Kai Hudson

Chief Operating Officer, Digital Global LTD

“This team completed my website (SEO) quickly and efficiently. He gave me a call to discuss my objectives. I am very satisfied with Rasel and her team, becasue I see traffic is increase my site.”

Isabella desouza

Chief Operating Officer, World Nate

Excellent job, very quick delivery. Will hire again! Thank you

Kamal Khan

Chief Operating Officer, Leather Madness

“Great work. to set up tracking and analytic settings. Quick and efficient”

Julia Herniak

CEO, Digital Global Marketing Ltd

“The team delivered the required tasks in a timely manner too. Definitely Recommended”

Lemy kai

CEO, Rooftop Boutique

“Great job! CAPI He set up FB and Google tag manager within hours of contacting”

Jaklin Jakob

Chief Operating Officer, Hiint

Our Clients

We Work With The Best All Around the World

Our Team Member

“Success is not the result of individual brilliance, but the collective synergy of a dedicated team. As a CEO, my role is not to be the star, but to ignite the sparks of brilliance within each member and guide them towards the constellations of success, and Together, we paint masterpieces of strategy, transforming ideas into impactful realities”

Rasel Parvez

Founder & CEO, Business Growth Genius

“Within the realms of digital connectivity, I craft stories that captivate hearts, minds, and screens. As a Paid Social Media Marketing Manager, I navigate the ever-changing currents of algorithms and trends, harnessing their power to create meaningful connections and transform mere clicks into unforgettable journeys of discovery.”

Sophia Jade

Chief Marketing Officer, Social Media Marketing

“Through lines of code and pixels of imagination, As a web developer, I bridge the gap between creativity and technology, shaping virtual landscapes that inspire, empower, and connect. In this vast realm of infinite possibilities, I am the architect of online experiences, turning visions into tangible reality with each keystroke.”

Riyad Riko

Chief Executive Officer, Website Development

“I am the conductor of digital symphonies, orchestrating the harmonious blend of strategy and creativity. As the head of Search Engine Marketing, I lead businesses the power of data-driven insights and captivating campaigns. In this dynamic realm of keywords and clicks. So I hope your business growth faster then before”

Scarlett Lily

Vice president , Search Engine Marketing

“I dive deep into the ocean of data, unraveling its secrets to reveal the true story of success. As an Analytics Tracking & Reporting expert, I convert raw numbers into valuable insights, illuminating the path towards growth. With each report, I empower businesses to make informed decisions and ride the waves of digital transformation.”

Debra Becker

Chief Technology Officer, Analytics Tracking & Reporting

“I am the guardian of digital visibility, wielding the power of optimization. As the head of Search Engine Optimization, I elevate brands to new heights, unraveling the algorithms that shape online destiny. With strategy as my compass, I navigate the ever-changing tides of search, ensuring businesses shine amidst the digital horizon.”

Emma Rose

Chief Operating Officer, Search Engine Optimization

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